About Us

Helping you realise your potential for a better business and a better life.​

Our mission is to inspire growth focused business owners and managers to recognise and realise more of their potential and develop the skills to do the same for others.

We provide proven tools, training and personalised support that enables business owners to understand how to think more strategically, investing more time working ‘on’ business instead of ‘in’ it.

Bigger success is not about pushing harder, it’s about working smarter.

Our team are all experienced business owners who understand the challenges of growing a successful business from first-hand experience.

We know what it looks like up ahead and are here to help you create a business that gives you the lifestyle you want.

We offer you access to a comprehensive suite of market-proven business growth tools, leadership development training, business coaching and personalised mentoring.

Business coaching and training from real business owners.

Our programmes are delivered by successful business owners and entrepreneurs who are among the most experienced professional business coaches, mentors and trainers in NZ too.

Whatever stage you’re at, whatever you want to achieve in business, we will help you work out what to do to get there. We offer different experience, fresh perspectives, personal guidance and support you to be better at business and achieve more in life.

About Geoff

Geoff Knox is the founder of Better Business Academy, with a wealth of business experience ranging from corporate management to entrepreneurship to business coaching.

Geoff’s owned 14 businesses across 11 different industries, and in the past 17 years he’s coached hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs to help them realise their potential, making him one of the most experienced business coaches in New Zealand.


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