Dissatisfaction is a Key Driver of Success

When you’re focussed on growing your business your work day often starts early, finishes late and is filled with constant interruptions by people who want your time, ideas and help to solve their problems. At times, you start to wonder if you own your business or it owns you.

The constant pressure can make business no fun and the overload can have you doubting you’ll ever get a break to enjoy the freedom and quality of life you always promised yourself.

But here’s the good news … a healthy dose of dissatisfaction, a clear vision and a strong actionable plan are keys to creating significant change and achieving more of your potential.

Below is a simple formula to calculate your potential for change and in the process highlights where to focus to make a step-change and finally crack on towards the next level.

DVP Formula for Change


Score yourself out of 10 in relation to your level of dissatisfaction with your current reality, the clarity of your future vision and the strength of your plan. Then divide your score by 10 to calculateyour % likelihood of seeing positive change in your life. If you don’t like the result the process will show you where to focus and what action to take to improve your score

How did you get on? What did you learn? What do you need to change to lift your score?

Your change potential is a function of the depth of your Dissatisfaction, the clarity of your Vision and the strength of your Plan. In other words, it’s the want to, where to and how to.

If you’re comfortable with your result, happy days. If, however you’re uncomfortable and truly want something different you will now know where to focus and what to do to create change.


‘The Why’. How frustrated and uncomfortable are you with your current reality? VERY? Excellent, because a high level of dissatisfaction is the fuel to create the changes you want. Being too comfortable means no change. So embrace the discomfort and use it well.


‘The Where’. Once you know why you’re feeling uncomfortable you’ll be clearer about what you want to see in your future. So, what is your ‘vision’? What do you want to see and who do you want to be in your future business and life? Now you’ll be feeing inspired and ready for the next step.


The ‘How’. This is where it gets real. None of the other steps matter until you have a plan. Once you have the motivation, the vision and goals it’s time for a written actionable plan.

Pro tip: make the goals small enough that you can take action early to get some quick wins.

Dissatisfaction is positive; it creates the initial motivation to turn a dream into reality.

There is power and potential in feeling dissatisfied; it creates the motivation needed for change and fuels an inspiring vision, clear goals and a strong actionable plan to complete the roadmap to transform your life from stress and busyness to a more successful business.

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