The Decision Maker

This workshop will help you make a decision that's been keeping you awake at night.

Business owners are routinely confronted by big issues or important decisions that are difficult to make. These are usually decisions that will affect the nature, direction or success of their business and perhaps the quality of their life. It will also be something that’s likely to have an impact in terms of Core Values. 

Such decisions might include:

  • Deciding what business you will be in e.g. R&D, Wholesaling or Retailing
  • Restructuring a role, department or the whole business
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Finding new strategic paths for growing the success of the business
  • Taking on a new business partner
  • Dissolving a partnership or other key relationship
  • Making a large investment or choosing between this, that and the other thing.

The Decision Maker workshop is designed to work through those tight knotty issues that seem impossible to solve without creating a whole lot of problems elsewhere, they are the proverbial “rock and hard place” things. This workshop will help you clarify what is holding those things in place, untangles the knots and gets people making decisions and taking action.

"When I walked in to the session I had totally the wrong question in mind regarding the problem I had. The problem I had and was trying to answer was not the real problem.

By going through the ‘decision maker’ process I got clear on the real problem and my best options for moving forward became clear. Now I can work out my plan.

The key learning for me was to find out what the real problem is first and the Decision Maker process certainly did that for me. The interesting thing was that the solution I thought would solve the problem was actually muddying the waters and would have only been a temporary fix.

The bonus from it all is I now know that it’s important to get to the root cause of an issue first and I know how to - so I don’t try to solve the wrong problem. "

Alister Nicholls, Director, Nicholls Civil Earthworks & Drainage

Workshop benefits

The ‘Decision Maker’ workshop helps with:
• Gaining clarity about the actual core/source issue that needs to be resolved
• Moving the focus from the problem to possible solutions
• Thinking rationally and logically through each of the possible solutions
• Developing a clearer picture of the reality
• Creating an expansive list of pros and cons for each possible solution
• Making a quality decision with good awareness of the possible consequences
• Feeling more energised and empowered once a decision has been made about addressing the issue
• Gaining a sense of being in control again and feeling comfortable with, and committed to, the decision.

Finer Details

Who: Business decision makers (1-6 people)

Format: A one day workshop, held from 8.30am to 5.30pm. We follow a well proven structure and process to help you get crystal clear about what you do and don’t want and the best way for you to move forward. The end result will be a quality decision you feel ready and motivated to action.

Where: In-person in the Better Business Journeys boardroom on Boundary Road, Hamilton

Fee: $595 + GST

Guarantee: 100% money-back guarantee if unhappy with the workshop quality or outcomes.

Let’s talk prior to you registering to clarify what you need to achieve the change you’re after.


Get in touch and we can talk about how the decision maker workshop can help your business get ahead.