Better Leadership Training

Learn how to become a better leader in today’s challenging world of business.

Our “Better Leadership Training” is a practical two-day programme delivered in an accelerated learning environment where business owners, managers and team leaders learn how to take a coach-approach to leadership and excel as a leader.

You will learn the principles and practices of successful leaders, unique problem-solving strategies, conversation frameworks and communication skills to help you lead and develop people well and drive positive change.

You will add to your leadership frames of reference and learn new tools and techniques to help you manage difficult conversations and navigate leadership challenges more easily. By the end of the 2 days you will know how to engage and move people forward, much faster.

You will also gain increased self-awareness and learn self-management strategies that will give you valuable insights into common traits, strengths and development areas for the range of social styles and personality preferences we all work with each and every day.

The Better Leadership Training course will help you inspire and influence people more easily and effectively. You will also have new tools to help you engage and empower your people, improve individual performance, team culture and your business results too.

Where else can you gain practical new knowledge, strategies and skills to improve your performance as a leader in business, in just 2 days?

Key Features and Benefits

  • An experiential course where you learn to unlock potential in yourself and others
  • Facilitated by an experienced leader who is also a professionally trained coach/mentor
  • Designed for people-leaders who want to gain the skills to inspire and empower others
  • Increase your personal impact, your influence and take your team to a whole new level 


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