Coaching and Mentoring

For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

WHAT do YOU want to change or achieve?

Do you want to:

  • achieve an inspiring goal?
  • overcome a specific challenge?
  • reduce the busyness or stress of business?
  • change your role in your business?
  • enjoy more freedom and independence?
  • explore or maximise a market opportunity?
  • build your business or leadership skills?
  • develop a clear vision and a plan to make that dream a reality?
  • learn how to take yourself, team and business to the next level?

WHO do YOU want to work with?

Do you want a personal coach, a sales coach, a business management coach or a strategic business coach? Our Founder, Geoff Knox is New Zealand’s most experienced strategic business coach/mentor for growth-focused business owners and serial entrepreneurs. See Geoff’s bio

HOW does it work?

Change is a process, not an event. With that in mind, Geoff offers a multi-faceted coaching and mentoring service combining personal growth and business development strategies founded on real-world business experience and a proven coaching and mentoring process. Our aim is to bring you the clarity and strategic support you need to create the results you want.


I found working with Geoff amazing, he’s taken real pride in seeing me succeed and I’ve trusted all the advice and lessons he’s given me. I guess that’s why I’ve got the results, because it’s been a two-way relationship.
– Matt Palmer, Owner, Five Stags Restaurant and Bar and Papa Mo’s Restaurant and Bar

Gain Clarity

A three-session coaching/mentoring option to help you gain clarity, and make progress on a strategic issue, opportunity or goal.

Short-term project

A six or twelve session coaching/mentoring service to help you address an issue, maximize an opportunity or achieve a goal.

Serious Growth Goals

A 12-month strategic business coaching/mentoring programme designed for established business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take themselves, their business and their quality of life to a whole new level.

We will help you recognise and realise your potential.