Top Table® Business Growth
(Mastermind) Programme

12-month business owner growth programme

The Top Table programme is a 12-month business owner growth programme for progressive business owners who can see the benefits of meeting with a small group of like-minded business owners to learn, share experience and develop themselves to realise their potential.

Each Top Table programme is limited to 6-8 business owners who meet 1 full day per month for 12-months with an experienced business owner as your Top Table Facilitator. 

Each Top Table day includes time to share wins, enjoy real world business education sessions, share key issues and opportunities, engage in problem solving, strategizing, strategic decision making, business planning and committing to taking action to achieve personal and business growth goals.

Top Table members develop their problem solving and decision-making skills, learn a range of business growth and development strategies and have access to on-going support and coaching from a Top Table facilitator who is also a respected business owner and coach.

The Top Table programme covers the following key areas:

  • Clarifying the core business and setting the strategic direction for the future
  • Positioning the business for a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Developing strategic marketing thinking to attract and retain ideal target customers
  • Reviewing current operational systems, processes and practices to identify areas for improvement in terms of service delivery, efficiencies, profitability and growth.
  • Identify what to measure to ensure optimum performance in marketing, sales, financial management, team productivity and operational efficiencies.
  • Strategic problem solving and decision-making tools, practices and processes
  • Developing a strategic mindset and the skills and disciplines of an effective leader
  • Building a winning team culture and developing team members to perform at their best

By the end of the Top Table programme you will have increased your business and leadership knowledge, gained new skills and developed strategies to be even more effective at growing your business. You will be achieving more, with less stress and have formed close friendships with a group of like-minded business owners. Interested? Let’s talk.


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